Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Laundering Tips and care

BASICS Laundering Tips and care


Microfibre, Pockets(PUL or fleece)
1. Only 2 teaspoon of basic detergents
2. Set to high level of water(machine wash)
3.Wash with 1 - 2 cycles.

1. Soak with boiled water about 1/2 an hour
(repeat it with 3-4 times to move out all the mineral oils)
2. rinse and spin


1. 2 tablespoon of dishwash
2. 2-3 drops of dettol
3. Set to high level of water
4.Complete the full cycle of machine wash

Daily wash
Microfibre, Bamboo,Hemp,Pockets(PUL or fleece)

1. Rinse all cd with hi level water for one time(machine wash)
2. To start wash,use only 2 teaspoon of basic detergents
3. Set high level of water
4. Complete the full cycle of machine wash

1. Use 2-3 drops of dishwash
2. Rub gently to stains
3. Rinse and spin
4. Hanging to direct sun for 2 days

Tips and Tricks for Washing Your Cloth Diapers

Finally, some hints to help you wash your cloth diapers with ease. If have a great tip or trick not listed here please let us know so we can add it.

  • Wash all new diapers before use.
  • Don't wash more than two dozen diapers at a time.
  • Hemp can be used after one wash but will become more absorbent through the first 8-10 washes. It may also shrink up to 10%
  • Avoid Desitin and other zinc oxide diaper creams as they will stain your diapers.
  • Fasten hook/loop closures to avoid the dreaded "diaper chain".
  • Use flushable diaper liners with zinc oxide rash cream, or to make it easier to get rid of solid matter.
  • Wash Cloth Diapers - Top Loading Machine
  • Don't allow dyed diapers to lie around wet or the dye may transfer to other diapers.
  • Fasten diapers and covers inside out so the insides get clean and to protect any applique or embroidery.
  • Avoid laundry "soaps" as they may leave a residue on your diapers. (Dreft and Ivory Snow are detergents and OK for diapers)
  • Avoid detergents with "brighteners" or "enzymes" as these will break down your diapers and may cause a rash.
  • Take a "sniff test" after washing. If your diapers smell like detergent do another hot rinse, or try stripping to get all the detergent out.
  • Use a Downey ball to dispense vinegar in your rinse cycle if you don't do an additional rinse.
  • Apply lemon juice to stains before sunning to help get rid of stains then rewash those diapers before use.
  • If your diapers are "crunchy" after drying outside toss them in the dryer on the fluff cycle for 10-15 minutes to soften them up.
  • Running an extra spin cycle will help your diapers - or any laundry - dry faster.

All things considered, it's just as easy to wash cloth diapers as it to do any other laundry. In fact we think it's easier to wash cloth diapers than our delicates - and with all the bright colors and prints on our diapers it's a lot more fun too!

source : http://www.zany-zebra.com/wash-cloth-diapers.shtml